• Fountains


    Fountains 2014 single channel HD video installation, silent, cast glass and aluminum chain Installed at Arthur Roger Gallery, January – February 2015 “In Fountains, 2014, swooping aluminum chains connect a collection of cast glass bottles, arranged like a chandelier on the wall. The projection of a silent but frenzied flow of water animates the bottles and delicate metal chains, running up, down, and bubbling inside the bottles. The ceaseless streams appear so convincing, despite their illogical directions and speed, that […]

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  • Crystal Gazers

    Crystal Gazers

    Crystal Gazers 2014 Forged metal, cast glass, wire, HD video projection 35 x 60 x 8 inches Installed at Arthur Roger Gallery, Jan-Feb 2015 “Crystal Gazers, 2014,… merges glass sculpture and projections, creating a luminescent vegetal object. Clusters of glass medallions, reminiscent of sand dollars, hang from sinuous iron branches, refracting and magnifying the projected purple and green light. In the negative space between the gem-like discs, glimmering bursts of light fade to tiny motes, like a fantastic snowfall or […]

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  • Sigils 3

    Sigils 3

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  • Sleepwalkers


    Sleepwalkers (Night Blooming Cereus) 2013 Looping video projection, HD (Ed. of 10) Arthur Roger Gallery

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