“Extinct in the Wild” at Arthur Roger Gallery, Fall 2022

Oct 1 – Dec 17, 2022

Extinct in the Wild,” digital video projection, 2020, silent

Extinct in the Wild is the title of Courtney Egan’s fourth exhibition with the gallery, and also the title of the piece presented above. The installation features 2 other distinct projection-based works that meld technology with nature. Egan creates time-lapse botanical still-life work by taking a series of photographs that are compiled into films and composited with physical elements. With this process, she can create “impossible arrangements.” 

Over the last two years, while producing the body of work on view at the gallery, Egan has worked with local native plant groups to gain a deeper understanding of local plant life and ecologies. The recent focus on natural plants has changed how she observes the ecology around her. She states, “I work to see and experience the plant world as the equal cohort to the human world, instead of a backdrop to a human stage.”