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  • Short Term Memory

    Short Term Memory

    An example of human desire to control environment is seen in how we manage water. I live five blocks from the Mississippi River, and have come to see it like a enormous brushstroke that the Army Corps of Engineers has tried to reign in with varying degrees of success over the last 200 years. The inspiration for this piece is the amazing selection of maps made by an Army Corp engineer in the 1940s, Howard Fisk. Based on aerial photography […]

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  • Camellia


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  • Early Spring

    Early Spring

    Early Spring Single channel video installation with 6 channel audio Approx. 6’ x 8’, audio and power cabling extending to ceiling 2009 “Early Spring is Egan’s largest video installation with sound to date. Using the floor of the gallery space as a screen for the projection of her hallucinatory flower image compositions to a drone-like and beat-heavy musical accompaniment broadcast by low-fi speakers, Egan takes the viewer into the space of Digital Animism, an expression she coined to describe her […]

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  • Gushers (Water Lily)

    Gushers (Water Lily)

      Gushers, 2010, single channel video with sound, speaker parts, 40″ x 54″ x 14″ This installation was inspired by my childhood experience of aquatic lillies. “Struck by how the plants co-existed with oily sheens on the waters of the Pearl River, Egan recreates the impression here. Using electronic buzzing and popping sounds the plants appear to grow from the speakers, reminding us that nature can be mimicked with technology, but, ultimately, we cannot reinvent nature.” – Lee Gray, curator, […]

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  • Tizzy (Zinnias)

    Tizzy (Zinnias)

    Tizzy (Zinnias), 2010 single channel video, beeswax on wood disk, 38″ diameter

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  • Holding Pattern (Japanese Magnolia Petals)

    Holding Pattern (Japanese Magnolia Petals)


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  • Repercussion (Yellow Trumpet Flower)

    Repercussion (Yellow Trumpet Flower)

    Repercussions, 2010, single channel video with sound, wood and speaker, 11″ x 70″ x 6″ A yellow trumpet flower spins and audibly drips onto the inverted cone of a speaker below. The synchresis of image and sound evoke a physical experience of projected light.

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  • Fountains


    “In Fountains, 2014, swooping aluminum chains connect a collection of cast glass bottles, arranged like a chandelier on the wall. The projection of a silent but frenzied flow of water animates the bottles and delicate metal chains, running up, down, and bubbling inside the bottles. The ceaseless streams appear so convincing, despite their illogical directions and speed, that the viewer can almost feel the occasional spray of droplets.” – Tasia Kastanek, Pelican Bomb    

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  • Sigils (Spanish Moss) series

    Sigils (Spanish Moss) series


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  • Repository



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