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  • 2014
wrought iron, cast glass, HD video projection, wire

    Crystal Gazers

    Installed at Arthur Roger Gallery, Jan-Feb 2015 “Crystal Gazers, 2014,… merges glass sculpture and projections, creating a luminescent vegetal object. Clusters of glass medallions, reminiscent of sand dollars, hang from sinuous iron branches, refracting and magnifying the projected purple and green light. In the negative space between the gem-like discs, glimmering bursts of light fade to tiny motes, like a fantastic snowfall or deep sea bubbles. – Tasia Kastenek, Pelican Bomb    

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  • Sleepwalkers (Night Blooming Cereus) series

    Sleepwalkers (Night Blooming Cereus) series

      “…Because it already was so densely populated with quaint and improbable objects, most of the new art takes the form of video projections that can be beamed into the rare empty spot, or onto existing fixtures like the antique bathtub now filled with Courtney Egan’s sublime time-lapse video of night-blooming cereus flowers (pictured) slowly unfolding in perpetual electronic efflorescence. It probably would be a great piece anywhere, but in the tub in the Pearl’s shadowy gloom it is magical….” […]

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  • Cluster



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  • Soft Spots (Japanese Magnolia)

    Soft Spots (Japanese Magnolia)

    Soft Spots (Japanese Magnolia), 2008, single channel video projection, size variable Soft Spots was created with images of a Japanese magnolia flower, a common ornamental in New Orleans. In the looping projected image, petals drop from a continually dying and re-blossoming flower. During a petal’s fall to the ground, a projectile, apparently targeting the petal, misses and sends the petal spinning or flipping, until it gently lands on the floor below.   Soft Spots reflects on forces that guide and influence lives. […]

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