2020 Public Art Award, Gentilly Resilience District, “Footbridge Over the Bioswale” and Native Wildflower Meadow at Mosquito Control

The City of New Orleans is in the process of overhauling several blocks of Gentilly’s water management infrastructure, and my proposal to build a community-designed footbridge over a new bioswale is one of 5 public art projects awarded.

A native wildflower meadow is part of the community engagement for this project. It is located at 2100 Leon C. Simon Blvd on the property of the Mosquito, Termite and Rodent Control Board. Other partners in the project include the Native Plants Initiative of Greater New Orleans, Civic Studios, The Water Leaders Institute, and Antenna. Tulane’s River and Coastal Center and Docville Farms also donated plants and advice. This long term project is an opportunity to see how native plants affect biodiversity and facilitate drainage in the neighborhood. This spring several community events, “Seeds and Beats,” have been held at the site, and Native Plants Initiative helped neighborhood residents make seed balls at an outreach event.