wholey video installation
still from “wholey,” projected image on spinning cylinder, 1999


I electronically forge the still-life tradition of botanicals with contemporary technology practices to create subtly impossible tableaus. Video projection of manipulated flower and plant imagery falls onto walls, floors and sculptural elements, and is sometimes activated with a sensor. These realistic yet conspicuously constructed composites place the viewer in navigation between one’s memories of the natural world, and a new, mediated experience of a plant or flower.

The way that humans experience nature more frequently, through the glass of the computer or television, unsettles and inspires me. I find it a fundamental irony that the closer humans get to the perception of nature, as mediated by a technological lens, the farther we get from direct experience. There’s a sublimity that results from the convergence of technology with what we consider the natural. I am intrigued by how lens- and technology-based experiences of the natural world can be enjoyable, illuminating, disturbing, and ethically challenging, all at the same time.


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